An increasing number of foreigners live in our country. Some of them come for a short time for work, while others live in Poland permanently. No wonder that loans for foreigners are an increasingly popular topic that we hear about almost everywhere. Can emigrants from other countries take our payday pay with us? What documents are necessary to get loans for foreigners?

Payday loans for foreigners – what are they?

Payday loans for foreigners - what are they?

Each of us has heard about payday loans, and an increasing number of people use this type of loan. We can obtain them thanks to non-bank companies that allow borrowing even for indebted persons. To get the payday loan, all you need to do is present basic documents (e.g. ID) and go through a short verification process.

Often, parabanks meet the expectations of customers and do not even check the BIK or KRD database. Thanks to this, even people with bailiffs can take out loans. While the matter is uncomplicated in the case of Poles, payday loans for foreigners are still a great unknown. Can a person from abroad get a loan while in our country?

Is it possible to take a loan for a foreigner in Poland?

Is it possible to take a loan for a foreigner in Poland?

Obtaining payday pay in Poland is associated with the need to meet several basic conditions. Among other things, you must be an adult and have Polish citizenship. It is also necessary to live in the country. According to the internal regulations of parabanks, a foreigner who has the status of a foreigner but is not a Polish citizen will not be able to apply for payday pay.

Very often, to get loans online, you must have a bank account in one of the Polish banks. This type of issue definitely makes it easier for companies to verify the applicant’s identity. Parabanks also require a PESEL number, which identifies the person and is only valid in our country.

What conditions must be met to get payday pay?

What conditions must be met to get payday pay?

To be able to apply for a loan in Poland, you must:

  • Be of legal age;
  • Have Polish citizenship;
  • Living in Poland;
  • Be a person fully capable of civil law actions;
  • Have a bank account with a Polish bank (this issue can be bypassed, for example, by taking a loan for a GIRO check);
  • Being creditworthy – loan companies used to pay attention to the creditworthiness of applicants. Currently, more and more parabanks are moving away from checking credit history databases and the debtors register. Thanks to this, loans are possible for people in debt. Loan companies propose, for example, payday loans for people with bailiffs, which is a great alternative to bank loans that people who are not indebted will not receive.

Payday loans for foreigners – when possible?

Foreigners who permanently settle in Poland and have citizenship may apply for payday pay. To get loans for foreigners, several criteria must be met. First of all, the applicant must have a valid passport. It is also necessary to have permanent employment in the country and documents proving stable income.

Getting a long-term resident status is also very important here. Having this status gives foreigners the opportunity to stay permanently in Poland and take up employment here. If a foreigner has already applied for a permanent residence card but has not yet received it, he may present a temporary residence card.

It is also necessary to obtain a PESEL number, which is assigned to every Polish citizen. People who want to apply for payday payers for foreigners and have Polish citizenship but have not received a PESEL number must submit a special application for issuing it to the commune office.

Some loan companies also pay attention to credit standing and credit profile. To this end, foreign bases from the country of origin of the applicant are checked. Thanks to this, it is possible to minimize the risk of non-repayment by a foreigner.

How to get a permanent residence card?

How to get a permanent residence card?

To use the services of companies offering payday loans for foreigners, it is necessary to have long-term resident status. This is a person treated equally with Polish citizens. She has the right to work, education, social assistance and social advantages. However, it is forbidden to work in another country.

To obtain a resident card, you must have been in Poland for a minimum of 5 years, in which you regularly receive legal income for at least 3 years. It is also necessary to have the right to residential property in any form.

It is also worth knowing that a foreigner applying for a permanent residence card must know Polish at a good level, and this issue should be documented, e.g. with a school-leaving certificate in Poland or a course diploma.

Will a foreigner get a loan in Poland?

Will a foreigner get a loan in Poland?

People who came from other countries who think that in Poland they can only count on receiving payday pay are very mistaken. Banks meet the expectations of foreign customers and direct their credit offer to them. However, in this case, the financial loan situation is the same as for payday loans.

For a foreigner to receive a cash loan, he must have a permanent residence card. This type of permit may take the form of long-term and tolerated stay, refugee status or subsidiary protection.

A foreigner may also be granted long-term resident status in the European Union. Thanks to the permanent residence card, banks have the ability to verify the applicant’s identity and receive information about their legal stay in the country.

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